We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We’re CASC – or better known as Colorado Council of Arts, Science and Culture. Most importantly, we’re not new players on the block as a community based organization, having formally been known as PAC- or Parker Arts Council. So why the change in name? – Well, it’s not so much the change in name more so than the change in vision. We played a large part of arts and culture in the Parker area for the past ten years. Different leadership, different boards and over time, perhaps differing opinions on just what we want to accomplish as an organization moving forward.

We have added the sciences to our broadening spectrum of involvement and set our sights on more than just Parker. With that, it only stands to reason that we would look to a name change to support our newer direction. We have built some pretty solid community relationships in Douglas, Arapahoe, Elbert, Denver and Jefferson counties in the last ten years. We believe there is leverage in these relationships to not only carry on with our existing common bonds, but to add new ones with our expanse into the Sciences as well. Without boundaries, we can support and partner at different levels with many while still maintaining our roots in the Douglas County and Parker area.

Keep an eye on us… help us grow, spread the word about us when you have the opportunity. We’ll be striving to work with communities to help foster the growth of our youth in the arts, sciences and cultural events we’ll be offering.