Students with community driven interests
In an effort to create events that are of interest to teenage youth in the South Metro area and involve them in our productions, CASC introduced an Internship Program for High School Students in August of 2005. This program was designed to introduce the students to a variety of experiences that encompass many of the Councils activities. Such activities include all facets of theatre production, advertising, working events, and creating presentations for their peer groups. The focus is to identify what the Council of Arts, Sciences and Culture is doing in the community.

CASC offers high school students in grades 8 through 12 the opportunity to work for a period of 9 months earning a $500.00 stipend at the completion of the program as well as Letters of Recognition and Recommendation from Council of Arts, Science and Culture board members, to use for college or future job applications. Any student interested in learning what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ for the planning and production of CASC events should fill out the CASC Internship Application online. Selected Interns are required to commit to at least 100 hours which includes attendance at Board Meetings and participation at most all events. Additionally, they are the spokespersons to their respective schools to keep students informed of Community Service opportunities and upcoming events designed for youth participation.

Past Interns have been amazed that the program was more fun than work, and surpassed the required time commitment. Past interns also have returned to work with the CASC as board members and actors.

If you are a High School student in Douglas County or know of any student that may be interested in this program, please submit your application to schedule an interview.

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Rocket Science

Yes rocket science is another step into the minds of our youth. Join us soon for Brainard Starlings workshops in understanding and building rockets using ordinary items. As the next great frontier, this could be the starting step of tomorrows greatest space explorer. More to come in 2015.

Buzz Bees

Look for our 2015 program to reach back into the hives of exploration while studying and working on a project very familiar to Parker. We are in early stages of resurrecting this program while fostering a understanding of nature’s most precious answer.

Deep Space

Did you know Parker is home to Deep Space? That’s Deep Space the location. A shared work environment by day, event and performance center, art gallery and studio, – they transform into educational playground for youth science programs such as robotics, sound and media to name a few. Our partner programs are sure to be a hit here in 2015.


We continue to plan with the leaders of Deep Space, integration of their current robotics and science clubs, with the potential to house a 3D model machine, and state wide science competitions at their location. 2015 is shaping up to be a monster year in our sciences division!

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