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Astronomy Club

CASC is no longer supporting The Jacqueline Rose Astronomy Club as part of our budding sciences programs. You can reach  them direct through their website below. We will be replacing this science program with another in early 2015. If you are interested in starting a program or have an existing program you work with that needs some support, please contact us.

Club Overview

The club is dedicated to the hobby of astronomy.  While guests are welcome, members seek to study, share and to further their knowledge and understanding of astronomy through information sharing and observing activities.  Activities and presentations extend to peripheral topics in space, space exploration and of course the tools and techniques in observing the cosmos.  Some members may have advanced telescopic equipment while others may simply use binoculars or no equipment at all.  Nothing is required except an interest in astronomy.  The club is sponsored by the Council for Art, Science and Culture (CASC) under the direction of Dr. Jerry Galloway.

How It Works

Everyone, age 8 and up, is welcome to join the club.  This places you in a group for easy sharing of information and invitations to club activities.  Anyone can sign-up directly online.  Generally, events are scheduled monthly.  Presentations are typically indoors while hands-on observing events are usually after dark.  Anyone is welcome and observing includes sharing the eyepiece with guests.


Events are generally located at the Parker Senior Center – 10675 Longs Way – Parker, CO ‎ 80138.  Winter months (Nov.-Apr.) involve indoor presentations at the Senior Center generally at 4:00-5:30pm and Summer months (May-Oct.) are outdoors at the top of the hill behind the Senior Center starting at dark.


Indoor activities are in the middle of each month on Saturdays at 4:-5:30pm. Outdoor activities are naturally at night for viewing the night sky. It’s possible that some activity might be scheduled for daytime for viewing the Sun or other topics suitable to daylight hours. The schedule including policies and signing-up on line is available at:

Rocket Science

Yes rocket science is another step into the minds of our youth. Join us soon for Brainard Starlings workshops in understanding and building rockets using ordinary items. As the next great frontier, this could be the starting step of tomorrows greatest space explorer. More to come in 2015.

Buzz Bees

Look for our 2015 program to reach back into the hives of exploration while studying and working on a project very familiar to Parker. We are in early stages of resurrecting this program while fostering a understanding of nature’s most precious answer.

Deep Space

Did you know Parker is home to Deep Space? That’s Deep Space the location. A shared work environment by day, event and performance center, art gallery and studio, – they transform into educational playground for youth science programs such as robotics, sound and media to name a few. Our partner programs are sure to be a hit here in 2015.


We continue to plan with the leaders of Deep Space, integration of their current robotics and science clubs, with the potential to house a 3D model machine, and state wide science competitions at their location. 2015 is shaping up to be a monster year in our sciences division!

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