A Staple of CASC- The Performing Art
We have produced over the years, some of the most memorable plays in the area for our audiences. Quality talent, direction and productions, performed on local stages from Parker to Aurora and soon to be in Douglas, Elbert, Jefferson and Arapahoe counties.

If you are a production company, looking to bring a play to stage through CASC, we welcome you to submit it to us at one of our monthly board meetings. We are planning soon for our 2015 schedule. We have a play / theatre director that you may contact ahead of time for instruction on our submission process.

We want to foster the growth of new play writes, actors and directors. If you want to be a part of any of our productions, under our guidance if your first time, please reach out to us.

We have performed large cast ensembles, down to one man productions ( Clarence Darrow) and love the idea of something new, cutting edge that we can bring to the communities.

We have done the following plays over the past few years. Clarence Darrow, Yes, Virginia, ….

Take a look at our past, be a part of our future!

Happily Ever Once Upon

Cinderella brings out her new court in this fun meshing of characters. Our outside stage presentation was a pleasure to be a part of.


Gracefully played by Joi Hiatt, Cinderella took time to pose with the King.

Where Do Cast Hang Out?

We found Little Red Riding Hood hanging out on the streets of Parker during our production. Thanks Cate for the remarkable job in directing.

Rocket Science

Yes rocket science is another step into the minds of our youth. Join us soon for Brainard Starlings workshops in understanding and building rockets using ordinary items. As the next great frontier, this could be the starting step of tomorrows greatest space explorer. More to come in 2015.

Buzz Bees

Look for our 2015 program to reach back into the hives of exploration while studying and working on a project very familiar to Parker. We are in early stages of resurrecting this program while fostering a understanding of nature’s most precious answer.

Deep Space

Did you know Parker is home to Deep Space? That’s Deep Space the location. A shared work environment by day, event and performance center, art gallery and studio, – they transform into educational playground for youth science programs such as robotics, sound and media to name a few. Our partner programs are sure to be a hit here in 2015.


We continue to plan with the leaders of Deep Space, integration of their current robotics and science clubs, with the potential to house a 3D model machine, and state wide science competitions at their location. 2015 is shaping up to be a monster year in our sciences division!

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